On the surface of compass, Note down when you’ll come back

Throw all tears up on the compass.

Wearing the bulb whose light is feeble on the chest

Walk hard backwards and forwards beside the 4th folding bed

Hide the darkness behind me.

Panic is motionless?

After leaving home accurately,

A pole star was being hidden in her place by nightmares.

Grouch that “I fall in being alone now.” by the mole who was being a replication of him,

Gonna be warm your arm everytime I sigh.

Act in truth like a mirror.

In an alley, making Date sneakily with the solitary dream who dare not follow my room.

When I get wet the sunshine rain,

Reborn are all the dead attachments, and revived, pain.

In Buffeting myself mercilessly, ruins inside.

Being crass scarcely.

Freeze Attachment or warmth is ready to treat.

Will keep in Love with Award or Non-Award Ism.

Will hug the illness virus from your body.

Back home to kiss me after passing through the sugarcane plantation.