Insect in the Gala

‘Pardon me.’

I have been saying this a thousand times

At the party that celebrates life

The ballroom is filled with gold balloons

A rose petal carpet for the guests

How do you do?

Soft music spills over the dim light &

Fills the glasses

Please take a gentlemanly swig

Plasma has been liberally deodorized

Stares slice into the sweet crusts

Of the enormous fishing-hook-shaped cake

Computer-generated applause is followed by

A thank-you note to corpses

Thank you for coming!

In the aquascaped seawater aquarium

Fried fish, both male and female, splash about joyously

CCTV cameras are buried in the gigantic ice sculpture

I’ve been repeating ‘Pardon me’ a thousand times

After three-hour long cordiality

After bumping into the chaste Christmas tree

After chewing up all the rose petals

After dumping the cake into the aquarium

After burrowing into the ice sculpture

After swallowing the red blood cells

After running off with the white blood cells

After colluding with insignificant anti-body drugs

After leaving the gala

After becoming an insecta non grata

To a culture of bacteria

Pyiyt Sone Win
Translated from the Burmese by ko ko thett