4 Time Machine Poems

Gold barns above sea level, 1980

sea feathers

sea fins

sea whips

how do we respond to touch

look around now

& even

she dreams

underwater & above

jupiter on red

mars in blue smoke

silk stars

gold barns

follow the smoky trail to the end of the tunnel

look around now

a boy in a bathrobe waving a flag

look around look around now

& see the timid dogs

& the brave cats

with their stares up

Beehives of joy & bliss, 1987


while the goldfish swim in ovals

the finches nest nearby

& so we continue

they heard the buzzing inside

she flew from the nest

you slept in a cave

those emerald visions

& watery flights

beehives of bliss & joy



soft signals

& flash landings

such colors of seduction

a pause

& then a thought

why fly over the valley at night

bright wings

a colony of bees

buzzing of joy, buzzing of bliss


& now an image

flickers through

the airwaves

she came from the sky, right?

the coral girl flies above us

we see her sometimes

with her wings made of flesh

the emerald nests

the restless finches

the nectar hunters

With our lemons, 1985

tiny blades

tiny birds

illicit arrangements

beware neither

addition nor subtraction

blinking fires

a glow



i thought it was you

crackling with your verbs & nouns

yes, my father was there

yes, i remember the train ride

we drank whisky for hours

with our lemons & our long lost bones

Sometimes we find our eyes, 1982


  1. loosened sash
  1. new dawn fades
  1. a porcelain spoon
  1. a blurred edge
  1. the optimist bench
  1. stony coral
  1. a blaze of glass
  1. violet poppies
  1. i try to dry my hands in the fire
  1. how the end always ends