Contemporary Art and its Nature in twenty five sentences

1-The rhythm of an art is a strong indication of the structure of post – thinking.

2-The model of the art that we are going to construct is, in fact, an extension of the set of particular machines: that of the collective constants of the intensities.

3-The dangers of art are asymmetrical.

4-For itself, art cannot imagine that the brevity of its life is in any way adequate for acquiring all the non-experience that social body could give.

5-Art, it seems, has gone the way of sublime object of its subtraction. But it is desdined to circulate as a hypersign.

6-Art will present future alternatives, not through specific subjectification but through desubjectification.

7-The Double being the connecting link between art and anti- art, the forcible extrusion of it from the dense texts by anaesthetic necessarility produces anaesthesia.

8-Art utopia or what we might call a spiritual myth is not necessarily a regression but is in fact a progression of sort.

9-The creativeness of art collects the stream of abstract cosmic currents.

10-Art construction correspond very little with the foundation of the desire of Be-ness.

11-Showing the virtual vanishing point. Showing the vanishing point in its real.

12-Not knowing a secret of text is a condition of responsible decision, marking another face of art.

13-The universal thought of the art has raised up even the energy of consciousness.

14-Every art is imaginary, for every art is real.

15-The revolution is also about process of art.

16-Virtual authority of art arises in the context of the every narrowness of the its state.

17-Subjectivity of art is not to be found in the detached circuit of repressed self conceived of in texts, but in the hyper intensities of texts itself.

18-Paradox of deconstruction is merely the paradox of any art. Its pure illogical determination, arising from the rhizomatic possible, embodies a coming- and -going between the locality of creation.

19-The sexuality of art is neither real nor representable; it is of the order of an invisible link produced by irrational relation, that is, by a discourse.

20-The actuality of art in its most generic sense is the regime of coded extention of the control.

21-Meaning is always unhappy, since it is born of the critical impossible. But art is happy, even when reffering to its virtual without the real impossible.

22-Nothing is easier than to say that art is multiplicity, or that is unity, or that it is the synthesis of both.

23-The vision of the art evolution of vast complexity is still out there, waiting for disproof.

24-Incapacity of art is in the medium term experienced as a failing of the slowness itself and not as the price of a structural gap between its text and its molecular revolution.

25-There is a need for an artistic revoultion to upgrade the spiritual forces which exists to let lose its art forms.