Lay In Space

Instead of glimmering continuously,

After scarcely standing like a sparkle just one time,

Like a leaf, she fell down herself with the spectrum.

She was a Star.

Hurricane is coming.

Refused to sound loudly in storm shaking the wind.

After sending her calling father name to the heaven,

It chose to dumb itself all echoes.

She was a bell.

Who accused tear is an eye-made weapon?

Those aren’t useful tools in the War.

Those were killed by wiping with palm at once.

She was as her mother’s tear.

Unlocked sounds, unlocked objects . . . . .

And soaring wings.

She was a traveler.

She passed the miles to get back to her room.

Let everything spin then to depart items.

Now she locks all entrances.

She was a mirror, she was a mask.

She lived as different kinds of characters.

She built up her time in calendar pages.

She starts to lay in a blank which is completed with safeness.

Eyes are full of Stars.

No aspiration, no kneeling.

Found herself unlocked peace in time.

In a small flat,

No more Breathe and

No more Sigh.

Just a single message left . . .

*I built the full of Space.*