Do you see that skin?
Crawling on the street and heading every angle
without any distraction
Touching every single thing on its way
Just look at it
Isn’t it beautiful?
Is it a lost skin?
Is it a stray skin or abandoned skin?
Just look at it
It just swallowed a pair of unknown breasts and transformed into an infant
How artistic was that as it could even cry and make noises
Lives starts with a cry
Looks like it has a better idea
It’s vomiting the things inside of it and crawling again
Heading every angle
without any distraction
You see that too,right?
It is crawling a little faster now
Looks like it is heading towards that snake
which is making the rattling sounds
Without any conflicts, it swallowed the snake
How exciting what would it be this time?
Don’t tell me you’re not amazed
Who in the world would think that it will transform into an apple tree
after eating a rattle snake
Lives starts with a noise
The skin aka the apple tree even dropped one of its fruits
onto a guy’s head who’s sitting underneath
The guy ran out like a person who just won a lottery


The fallen apple

Some ate it
Some not
Some forgot
Some thought

Now it’s trying to leave the form of an apple tree
Digesting everything itself and became a skin again

Skin gone wild
It ate colors and became 80″S
It ate numbers and became IT
It ate resources and became Nuclear
It ate patriots and became fireworks
It ate peace and became a war
It ate burgers and became a poem
It ate monkeys and became a human

Isn’t it beautiful?

Crawling on the street and heading every angle
without any distraction

Finally it is heading towards me
You’re next.