cheap dead men

In the sun dead men are marching
so that the whole city will nearly become covered with flies
so that everyone vomits on the main roads
like ramshackle cars, slowly
in the rain the dead men are marching.
When reaching the corner of the park, one leg of the dead man
dropped from its kneel joint, and the dead man is marching with his one leg
Beyond traffic lights the screams out of dead men come to prod like pointed objects
Some dead men without heads go marching to the city hall,
throwing out their chests.
On Bogyoke Road, like they are alive, in blood.
They turn to Bo Aung Kyaw street, they turn hollow-eyed, as though they are not dead
In the storm the dead men are marching like flames
Nearby a supermarket the dead men whose abdomens are open
They, while air passing through their open abdomens, are marching
While passing from under the flyover, some fallen dead men stand up again
and into the air which causes the bones break march, naked.
Like being of sandals, the dead men are off their ways.
Along the ‘no horn zone’ dead men silently are marching
Along the junctions dead men are at a snail’s pace marching
Dead men collect dead men.
Dead men hang dead men.
Along main roads they are marching , with flies.
Like that those dead men from the country sides are marching without your knowledge
On the days of peace of which prices are so expensive,
dead men could bring the pains of dead men only.
On the red letter days of peace of which prices are so expensive,
dead men and tattoos which cannot be stuck out of the wet roads
in the burning road, dead men are marching with blood, with flesh, with gleet.

Zaw Lusane
Translated from the Burmese by Ke` Su Thar