Death of STATE

At 1:45 pm on Saturday,
STATE was assassinated.

A bullet pierced
right through the heart of STATE.
STATE fell in blood
under the dazzling yellow
and died.
That STATE was dead,
the criminal doctor confirmed.
with the expressionless face of a corpse.
Within an hour,
The memorial posters for STATE’s death
arose around the whole nation.

For STATE was assassinated,
we felt sorry, as the same as government did.
(Association of National Business Enterprises)

Only after STATE’s death,
the flag of STATE is flying in the air.

STATE is dead, we get independence.

For the memorial ceremony of STATE’s death,
Free concert will be performed in the People Square.
(Iron Cross Music Band: on behalf of Artists)

Army leaders’
condolences of
for STATE’s death
appear in newspapers full page.

We have no STATE.
In our hearts, STATE had already died.
(Association of Anarchists and Nihilists.)

We do love Ayeyarwadi River,
trees, mountains and forests.
We do not love STATE.
We do love our native land.
We do not love STATE.
(Ethnic groups)

No more STATE.
So constitution is not more than
a book made of papers.
No use.

Poster -6
Do investigate and charge
the one who assassinated STATE.

Poster – 7
Do honor and give the award of hero
to the one who assassinated STATE.

The posters against STATE,
movements against STATE,
come to appear both on line and off line.

And Medias print the news
with colorful pictures
as cover stories.

Dead body of STATE
kept in the mortuary
is icy and stiff.

The bad smell of STATE
spreads through Myanmar territorial air.
All citizens vomit.

Poster – 8
We don’t need the section which disgraces STATE.
STATE has no dignity at all.
Only we, real human-beings, have dignity.

Eighty percent of the citizen is gossiping
about dead STATE.

Bad smelling STATE even before death,
the name of dead STATE,
is being bad-mouthed in public.

Poster – 9
We don’t need another STATE.
We don’t need another dictatorship.

Poster – 10
May STATE die forever.
May all citizens be alive forever.

Cries out of posters
spill all over the main roads of STATE.
Red cries
echo even through the infrastructure of STATE.

Three days later
after STATE’s death,
anti- STATE slogans become noisy.

Among those holding
the posters of rebellion against STATE,
STATE is honored, firing a gun:
the funeral of STATE is held.

ATTENTION, all Citizens.

Do salute
fallen dignity of human race,
fallen dignity of social reality,
and fallen STATE.

Do salute
fallen human rights,
fallen justices
and fallen STATE.

Do salute
fallen democratic values and norms,
fallen love,
fallen freedom of sex
and fallen STATE.

The tomb of STATE is covered
with the wreathes of government and army.

The dead body of STATE
is put into the gold-colored coffin gracefully.

Government is weeping
like an easily-crying woman.
Army, saluting dead body
of dead STATE,
is scheming to build another STATE.

The area of STATE’s grave
is being guarded heavily by the armed soldiers.

“We don’t need another STATE,
another dictatorship.”
“May STATE die forever.
May all citizens be alive forever.”

Voices of making prayers
come in low tones
out of the graveyard of STATE.

Those who assassinated STATE
sneak in the funeral of STATE, disguising themselves.

Dead body of STATE
goes into the crematorium slowly.
Dead body of STATE
is chewed and swallowed by the flame.

And STATE changes into smoke.

All of a sudden,
A louder dreadful scream,
like the rumble of thunder,
rises from of those clouds of smoke.

“I am STATE.
May all citizens fall.
May the very developed, modern STATE,
with disciplined democracy system,
long live forever.

Damn it!
STATE, even if it turns into smoke,
as a final action,
berates all in a bossy type
STATE very very beloved by all citizens,
the very fucking STATE.

Aung Yin Nyein
Translated from the Burmese by Ke` Su Thar