Human-beings, Human-beasts
Zombies and Monsters:
A Pack of Psychosis

The metamorphosis into human-being started in human blood.
The basic instincts latent in inner self are struggling to come out.
Through veins, hatred aggression and hatred bloom and wake up.
J-virus come out, piercing through skin cells,
and spread over the FB social network.
Their targets are Celebs.
The clone human-beings who masturbate themselves as NOBODY.
Their nails to scratch the others grow longer and longer.
The hairs to protect one’s own ego are thick and dark.
The psychotic human-being metamorphosed into beasts of wolves.
The neurotic death men resurrected as Zombie.
The thickly dark, barbarian nights of mind of human-beings
with the very skin-deep, superficial culture.
The photo images of Buddha are uploaded as cover photos.
They are hypocrites making sex chat in chat box,
the chili peppers reciting the Sermon of Lovingkindness at six o’clock
and eating the mixed salad of hatred at seven o’clock.
The exhibitionists uploading their selfies.
The online politics and assassination.
Zombies come out of human bodies and
go for a walk on the pavements of the city
like ordinary human-beings.
The monsters in our bodies are in several designs.
They try to hide pretentiously their teeth
so that human-being can’t see.
Zombies and monsters are strolling among human-beings
in the shopping centers and fashion shops.
Wow! What an imaginary science film-like world!
On green lawn of the park,
A young monster grips the neck of a young zombie.
In the so-called love stories,
the scenes which a zombie eating the fresh blood
of hearts of the opposite sex.
The real child behind a small tree,
his eyes opened wide,
is witnessing the scenes of his age in horror.
His fear of bloody existence
has to fly and flee to other world,
like a poor butterfly.
Run, run!
Politic zombies and monsters emerge from radio.
The opposition politician bitten by a zombie also
metamorphoses into zombie.
Screams of terror fill the whole world.
Some monsters are being drowsy in national Parliament.
Some zombies are sniffing the blood of human hearts.
Be aware. Human-being are being under the attack
of zombies and monsters.
Under the attack of the groups of beasts,
Human-existence is fleeing in panic for life.
Run, run!
In this age of fool
in which the ego-centric world is about to ruin,
human-beings, human-beasts,
zombies and monsters
are rampaging.
A camera of art
is making a documentary about the whole age.
In the documentary,
a cute baby,
twisting his face,
is struggling to manage not to vomit.
In a corner where the monstrous beasts can’t see him,
he is hiding.
The baby is gazing at
how fast they metamorphose and germinate.
Ohhhh. All these are the landscape
of how human existence is thirsty of blood and cruel.
Human existence is nightmare. Human existence is
smoke and hot lava flowing from unconsciousness.
Human existence is space which will never able to find
love and psychology of inner-self.
Human-beasts are hunting in pack human-beings.
Zombies stretch their psychotic hands.
They are searching for the social ego
and hearts of the other human-beings, sniffing.
The monsters with terrible distorted figures
are in our fashion designs, showing their teeth.
Our human children are yelling and moaning from hunger.
Our human child is looking at the world in blood,
with the eyes of not knowing what is happening.
He is like a naive rabbit in front of a wolf.
He has the panic-stricken character.
The genre of film he is acting,
his human-existence
is an imaginary science and psycho film about murder.

Aung Yin Nyein
Translated from the Burmese by Ke` Su Thar