Insane, I am not

Actually I am not insane

I take the drugs given by the Doctor

Just to make my parents happy

Believe me, I am not insane

I still remember the day

We went horse-riding

Me and Temujin

Nothing left

Not a thing left in the wind

The boy who rode out

Came back as Genghis Khan

Olive leaves

Bloody olive leaves everywhere

Oh! The meal we ate was Peace

I am not insane

Taking out

The torn apart spiritual pieces from the Ganges

And holding the fake freedom

I flow through the colorful stream of cars

And I cry

When people no longer recognize Liberty

Asoka comes out of bloodbath!

The dropped sword and the kneeling knees

Touch the ground at the same time.

He finds Dharma in regrets

Pocahontas in her real life didn’t share

A romantic story with John Smith

But married John Rolfe

Not Smith but Rolfe

This gentlewoman was famous as a civilized savage

Pseudo bedtime stories

Tried to rape your brain. Still trying

The Truth is ice

It burns. When so chilled, still it burns

We all are burnt.

Pleasure is Morphine

flowing through the veins

Whenever I don’t understand

The black cross covers my eyes

At those times, I, with eyes closed, shout


I am not insane

A god came to me and whispered

You are not insane

As my eyes were closed

I didn’t realize

Which god he was

Which religion he was from

Since he could have been a devil, I denied it.


Sure is one thing

I am not INSANE