(One-act play)

A single bed room with a single bedstead and furniture of middle class for single use. Strangely two tables in the room are expensive. The tables are quite considerably higher than the bedstead. Both tables made of teak are three feet square and polished. This is a reserved location. There is nothing by the tables, which stand at the head of the bedstead.

The other furniture is placed randomly. There is a bottle of fresh drinking water, too. At the foot of the bedstead is a clock. It has no hands. It is a digital clock, which indicates 9:00 pm. By the time, a man’s footsteps stumbling into the room are heard.


Bang… bang… bang

Bang… bang…

He is a young man, whose body is not straight, rather bend because a monastery-like building he is shouldering seems to be so heavy. That is why every space he takes is slow. The pressure of the heavy building on his shoulder makes him hard to manage not to fall.  But he is sweating profusely. He fails to wipe sweat: he has to hold the building with both hands.

It takes much time to arrive the two tables. When he is by the table, he put the building onto the teak table very carefully to avoid damage. Then the young man gave a long sigh and stretches, putting his hands at the back of his waist.

He twists his waist, making a sound.

. . . . . .

After that he drains one or two cups of water quickly. For a few moments, he paces back and forth to relax his body. Afterwards he opens the roof of the building and takes something out of it tenderly.

It looks like the idols of nats (spirit). Those idols are in the form of five fingers of which tips are touched to each other. He places it onto the teak table carefully, not to make any noise. Then he opens the idols, as separating them into two and takes out two things – one looks like male sex organ and the other, like female sex organ. He smiles at both, goes into the bed, cradling them in his arms. He closes his eyes with smile on his face, and then he sleeps.

Now the clock changes from pm into am, and an alarm goes off.

The alarm goes off.

Teetee … teetee… teetee…

The young man turns off the alarm. He returns the sex organs he cradled in the idols cautiously. Then he drains some cups of water to his content. And then he puts the idols into the building back. He tries to twist. It makes no sound. After that, he touches the building with his forehead and recites something in low voice.


(Nothing is heard.)

After recitation, he lifts the buildings to put it onto his shoulder cautiously. Suddenly his back bends down. He almost loses his balance, but he can manage not to fall, spreading his legs. Now he walks out of the room slowly, with steady footsteps.


Bang… bang… bang…

Bang… bang…

Linn Oo Naing
Translated from the Burmese by Ke` Su Thar