reaching for the sky finding the strength to try knowing a helping hand is right there beside you a world of make believe so come and join us it’s simple to get here the new and old as one in perfect harmony the world is here leave all your cares behind we know that you will find so many welcome friends before your time has ended*

Before August of 1968 ended, you thought you’d try the UK. A negative spectacle was everything behind, and to go forth all you had to do was believe something would happen, and that harmony could be achieved simply by being in another country.

EMD/EJH on 24th July says, Simple, I should be very pleased to hear from you ASAP and ended with Yours Sincerely. RA/JAB/315 on 25th July is not harmonious, We do not accept enrollment for courses by post, try presenting yourself for interview at the College, Yours Faithfully. Believe in yourself in the present tense and leave the national bank behind.

SHP/NE on 26th July says, Enter through Prince’s Gate behind, Yours Truly, on Trent and under Lyme. Life at 113/6 was simple, purchase foreign means of payment for taking out in person. I believe you intended pounds but it ended up being the US dollar instead, signature. You tried but where is the school certificate attached?

Pink flowers harmonize with green car hoods, the Port Royal Hotel in harmony with your dream. Potted plants hang behind you in a row and that image is forgotten. One side France, another side Germany… Try to decide, chartered architect of the future. It’s simple to blueprint your escape route, certificate of exportation ends 30 days from date of approval.

I believe you’d already given up by that point, you believed taking pictures of the same building with pink trees around it would bring some harmony to your life, so all I have now are the negative endings of each shutter, of each seal. Musical kiosk, Paris Bank behind. You photograph the outside of a cafe without going in. It’s simpler that way, you don’t even have to try.

Trying to believe in a simple harmony

means what gets left behind is your own end.

*DID YOU KNOW? This travel package features lyrics to the song in the Tourism Authority of Thailand commercial “Once in a Lifetime” []