Orange Gold Fish

It is the day which does not get used to one-day connection.

The orange color only is used.

A walking gold fish is used in it.

Into the huge orange sea anyone no longer put in their dreams.

His swimming which is used less in this age

adjusts the distance of epistemology

which can be reined by his mind and that mind.

A gold fish used in it. If it is not enough, another gold fish can be put in it.

Then another one. As the area he can swim can hold.

Many fishes can be duplicated from a fish.

From many fishes can be made into one.

To make fishes differ from the each other, a fish is deduced

from a fish-hood just a little. What given to them is the orange-like technology.

The orange-like deception. A kind of orange-like love.

Daring to use orange-colored boredom-fume abundantly

clearly shows that it is the way of today’s presentation.

The glass window out of which light overflows. Glass doors. Glass walls.

It is yellowish darker light which took the scene from lower level.

No. To be exact, the worn-out orange light.

The images of boiling big tea pots

are connected between two fishes.

Between a retreating song and gradually increasing waves,

something empty is orange. It is not so strange.

A day in the mirror which is not accustomed to. A day of each day which turns turbid.

A couple, animals or not, has to swim together as couple

like they are tied together, in a well-planned manner.

One has to lose the other. One has to find the other.

The just-bloomed flower dips two trees which stuck each other.

One with half-hell and two with the whole sky.

When the looking eyes, the sounds of clasp turn orange,

they hid the last trick.

When a one-day great play ends, each gold fish comes to know how to sink.

Each fish enjoys capsizing the ship to the other.

When a one-day great play ends, each fish no longer loses the other again. Similarly

one no longer searches for the other.

The orange attachment climb out of the lake in pieces.

They climb, breaking the dead climax of the play.

Downstream or upstream? The orange gold fishes in glass room which lasts one day.

Tay Khat

Translated from the Burmese by Ke` Su Thar