Thargyi, that red is in red shirt suddenly. drop it down.

Don’t believe that every writing you read is rue.

Uri, Uri, do take position. Wait for my order.

Click, Click, Click.

Everything has its own weakness.

Find the girl. While I am thinking to reach pistol,

his pistol fires.

Mission fails. Mission fails.

Click. Click. Click.

Pressing the escape once, I listen. Night remains silent.

Sud, fire to protect me. Bang, bang, bang.

Oh, shit. RPG. Click. Click. Click.

Pressing the escape once, I listen. Night remains silent.

Protect Mr. President.

Protect Mr. President.

Mr. President is taken by them.

Beware, there is mine ahead. Click. Click. Click.

Opening the lock of the door, I look outside.

I catch a fleeting glimpse of red shirt.

Fleeting is Thar Gyi. Hi, you’r Thar Gyi. Arn’t you? It is me. Do open. Open.

I switch on the radio and switch off the target which enters my sight.

My main duty is to serve as a key.

I just try to open the box in which world’s famine is kept in secret.

Where and how it comes from, I have to ask. That while I was calling that buddy at night,

I have connected to you, that I break connected satellites.

I abandoned my home, so with at ease in mind, I came out.

I fail to go. It being a huge line, I have to wait. I ask a phone number.

The situation is a cup of tea in rich taste. They are speaking.

Yeah, yeah. Of course, of course. Over. Over. Yeah, yeah. Of course, of course. Over.

(like the sounds out of automatic answering machines.)

Eyes are the obvious answers. Eyes are working very hard.

This huge whole war is being moved by a pair of eyes. Plant the bomb, then climb the watch tower.

And then let’s go to teashop. Giving back to the main road, we are sitting.

Don’t change position. Sit right here before this tank go out.

We order a hot cup of milk. We receive two cups of coffee mix only.

I try to recall the events in our school days. When we ghost, they come down.

It is three years that I left school. Now without any reason, it seems to show up.

Mines of which amount over two times bigger than the exploded ones remain planted in our square.

At this very midnight, how I must take two buses. How I am here so long but hard to find.

How I take the wrong path.

In the wrong map, we fight the wrong battle. We fight against the wrong enemies.

Whoever you are. It is very late. Yeah, I determined that I must go to you and now

I am here now, Thar Gyi.

Yeah, if we wait for fucking order, we will have no more time to save this nation.

Thar Gyi, what happened to your eyes. Are you drunk? That he never drank, he says.

I usually don’t smoke. Sometimes I enjoy the hard stuff.

Sit, putting one leg on the other. Put your leg down. Put one leg on the other again.

Put your leg and sit again.

Right hand is rubbing the sole of the right footwear.

Taking the gun placed on the table, he is rubbing it tenderly.

A phone number is asked. The bullet in his head has a code.

Buddy, do you come here to ask that phone number?

Crawl to the spot where warehouse is located.

You are male. No one will take you. I have to tell that he becomes too thin.

I have to tell him to take care of his health. I have to create haze of smoke

in the over-blood-­gushing capital.

I feel astonished at the events in great school he says (out of memory).

Which guy was doing what. How which girl was well off.

Data drop like dropping out of a machine.

A man’s desire make the whole world fall into the flame of war.

Many trees come out of that machine.

Before I leave, I’d like to meet all, I say with that big eye.

When asked: will you go back home, he says nothing. Suddenly he pays the bill for coffee before I do.

(When we were in school, you served me. I kept them. I have them.)

A box of bullets, three AKs, a machinegun, I have.

Do remain steadfast till help come to you, Thar Gyi.

Yeah, yeah. Of course, of course. Over. Of course. Of course. Yeah, yeah. Over.

The speed of blinking is really thoughtful.

When heavy weapons fall, the chopper which comes to bring us flies thoughtfully.

Thar Gyi, when I see your eye, I remember San Oo’s Big Brown Eye poem.

With the dead mind, I remember the fallen comrades.

Hmm. I say that I was absent that day. I am telling everything on that day.

I say not to send me off. I ask a phone number.

The key of my success is a number which only Mr. President knows.

Well, I have nothing special to say. Now I am going to finish a Nuclear War.

Taking my forearm and says, goodbye. With that very eye, he leaves.

The mission sent to Afghan is gone. Right now another mission from Russia set out.

On return, it is strange that dogs are silent. Beware. There is a sniper.

I am going to put the insipid mind into the battle to shoot. Bravely move. Bravely fight. Bravely defeat.

The Big Brown Eye poem tells the insipid: bravely move, bravely fight, bravely defeat.

The armed-persons on the battered cars, the image of Africa.

The child soldiers.

The citizens whose difference is having guns and not-having guns.

Running across the house-roofs with uneven iron sheets.

Your mission is incomplete.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

The emotion of shock is seen. It is found that curiosity and will of not-accepting situation

deviate from the present position.

When the lock is open slowly, he lifts his chin from outside grille.

Huge smiling eye is speaking. Huge eye is being very busy.

Huge eye thoughtfully wears in red shirt.

In that huge eye, the night which abruptly becomes noisy is found.

Even when I die, I will not surrender.

Tay Khat

Translated from the Burmese by Ke` Su Thar