And so, February

And so, February

Bouquets, chocolates, hotel room, boiled beans and naan, death

The page cannot contain me anymore

I don’t know who the president is; all I know is sleeping, eating and manicure

What is life?  Who cares.  Love?  Whatever.

Two long-haired on the other side of the road. The ones with short-haired mock me.

Cigarettes, poems, pants, fingers

If you really want me to get high, don’t talk; just burn it

Lead wrappings.  This is unsleeping time

This is unchewable suffering

This is a thick tongue

Those incandescent things. Mostly with words

I have to finish off myself. For instance, just windbags. I to I and I with i

With that bloody cough nights on end having to dredge up that puking phlegm

Without ever seeing the sun

DESIRE. Auto wheels roll to wherever you are. Wanting to puff on a ciggie

Only when filling gas Remembering to make a phonecall Misshapen pot

Invites damn mosquitoes.  10:10

To a single incoming message

I replied with my whole

life.  I’m no more 16

Don’t you dare laugh.  Leaves are so shaking  The couple in the park

Back to the cinema hall Ko Yu Paing  How the darkness brightens up

Only when the screen is lit  Hungry wings

Sprinkled my whole damn life with ‘Do Not Bite’  My pussy so loves

Her cunt. Little lumps  smart sensation  flare up  a souvenir  scars

Spots  calves  thighs  followed by spring then what?  Which month?

At the tip of the tongue, I forgot and fade away.

Mae Yway
19 FEB 2016
Translated from the Burmese by Zeyar Lynn