And so, January

White sheets of paper take flight together
Will they be blown away if I open the window?
Will I need to glue the fragments together later?
And what would lovers think about it?

The conflict between ‘seeing’ and ‘believing’ has to end
And I would love some red meat after that, baby

Something boils and spills on the stove every month
Who’s hitting the switch?
Lifeless eggs melt and spread through cotton

A child called NEW MADNESS is born
Now I can see the mole in your eye
Come take my nose and brows
Every insect died the day I was born
Sorry I didn’t bring any living thing with me

The worst yet is there isn’t any tree in that green field. Not a single tree
For the crows. Little wonder they have flown elsewhere.

A starry night means
A night full of stars
That are about to fall

My longing for you will finally make you miss me
Hopes drive round the corner and come into my street
It’s time for the long wait to end, time to take the chair inside
Then comes January, and I have forgotten to lock the room

When I came around, I found two holes in my brows
Everything has become ash
Where does fear come from? I wonder and keep wondering
Give me inhalers…inhalers, please
Trees, so strong and unwavering, skin me alive

Mae Yway
22 FEB 2016
Translated from the Burmese by Maung Day