Drastic Changes for Myanmar Poems

The time I began to compose poems was such a period that magazines and journals were rarely published. Moreover, the majority of published poems composed with traditional, typical methods apart from those of any other methods like modern. It directly affected the modern poets to endeavor publishing the new styles of materials, modern poems by using copy machines (wax-paper) and handed to the readers who love poems. At the time the electronic copier was not introduced yet.

The young become bored and disapproved of traditional poems, hardly ever had the chance to read such stylistic ones by international poets. The variety of poem books imported were just a few and thus, if some had purchased them, either readers or poets could not have had the chance to exploit.

The so-called period of Myanmar modern poem came, the basic concept to compose poems that, ought to put great stress on the fundamental society played the critical role leading to oppose bourgeois or high rich society. Nevertheless, it did not stand still for long term.

Whatever concept and style of poems, we, Myanmar poets have always kept the great responsibility to provide the Myanmar audience who love poems with pleasure and satisfaction. In other words, it is assumed that we have succeeded in fulfilling the needs and arousing the interest of poem-lovers by contributing poems.

Since 1988, Myanmar poems have significantly changed as the consequences of political policy. During the early years just after 1988, the changes were not noticeable a lot whereas these after 1990, the essence and style of poem has changed like the shock of blast. In the meantime, the internet, webs and email were widely introduced. Afterward, the poets who were not content with the old style were seeking the new route of composing and creating stylistic poems. Fortunately, new theories, formats of poems started to be born and produced into Myanmar poem society by ingenious poets.

According to the policy changes, the style of poems obviously differed from that created in the reign of Socialism. The purposes, usages, formats, organization of ideas and wording came to appear quite distinct. In addition, the more fortunate opportunity was the use of internet for the modern poets attempted to discover the new route compared to the ones who did the same in previous time. Also they can benefit from the high speed advances of media because of globalization. Books, periodicals, magazines and journals that are not available in our country can be downloaded so that the knowledge will be accessed widespread.

Doing so, we have been able to learn the structures, presentations, approaches and strategies of attracting the readers from international poems. On the other hand, the intellect of the readers having a craze of modern poems are developed due to the effects by reading such poems from various nations. Those who have had obviously modernized points of view can recognize and make sense of sophisticated poems that they ignored and withdrew.

It is also supposed that our strategies of composing poems were far left behind half a century from the modern poem world. In fact, we could not recognize the poems even from neighboring countries. The western literature, films, songs, music, etc are fairly accessible while those from Asia are hardly discovered for us.

However, poets nowadays find everything easily approachable. That all poets from Asia, Asean Countries, and even all over the world can get contact at a touch of button was delightful, too. In order to recognize a national or a nation, we ought not to view only on smooth transportation and communication, economy, living standard rather than literature and arts. The simplest reason to make prolong friendship between persons, nationals, nations is to understand each other.

Provided that the literature, arts, tradition and customs of a nation are perceived, the stable affairs of state will also be assumed. To establish tranquility, peace and friendship among the nations in the world is not an easy task yet, it is believed to become an easy one gradually. So long as we feel the sense of the best poems all over the world, we Myanmar poets are obliged to present our poems worldwide in the future.

As things stand, some young poets who managed to set up their web site in order to be their poems online. Moreover, it is amazing to learn that wording, sentence structure, facts in the poems they have composed are those that mainstream poets have never used in composing. Such amazing style might be unfamiliar or queer for readers at the time being, sooner or later it will be in harmony with them. They will certainly appreciate modern poems. One important fact is not denied that the poems are absolutely new and modern. Hence, it is a step forward to improve and upgrade Myanmar poem society.