Green Field

Green filling the whole room, the thought that I should go back occurred to me, in the highland small town.
The next time I will run away once I see green, I determined. How green are documents.
For my age, our of  green turns white emerges, I said.
And  my uncle was laughing, sitting.  Why is green red?

When I was in cinema first time, the national flag appeared with green.
My young girl friend, bowing her head, raised her middle finger suddenly.
And I thought. I am coward. What if I was arrested?
My aim was to watch the screen, to embrace the girl, and two together,
to laugh heartily on the weekend.
Green with very annoying manners. The green robe when I   was young,
Green robes in my bedtime are beautiful.
Greens are giving us bread.
Greens are swallowing other greens. Whites, yellows
slowly, the earth worms in worm-cast are green,
with big eyes, with big mouths, the green worm-cast liquids-used
plants are producing green fruits.

That a jack-knife was lost the green waves are broadcasting.
When I marry my young girl, the green will not be born, I decide.
I must give information to my girl immediately. The green jack-knife is danger.
To emit , to ride green blood, the girl knew nothing about green,
the girl told me. What she said is green is a color of danger
not.  When I asked her things in the cinema, she says that it is not green.

I have to fight and quarrel against greens everywhere.
What I know is that greens are lying in wait for all.
That is all I know. If green mark is punted, there will be freedom.
As once said, if 666 is punted, they will put you aside.
It means that you will be liberated. Green is at large.
No use to tell anyone about this. No green book can
save me. In the curfew area, I am running. My beloved ones
are running. Green is floating and gadding around with green tongues.
Green is at large. I know well that the fistful soil I put
is afraid of green so much.

Salai Myat Noe Thu
May 2016
Translated from the Burmese by Kè Su Thar