How He Left Last Night

At the feast last night he was
The star, the guy with the chequered
Shirt, as if  he had planned early
To make a record as the longest-lasting
Rider on a bucking bull to this dinner
He came wearing a chequered shirt
Hey, here and hi there shaking hands with everyone
Everyone was familiar with him
More than half loved him
Tonight, the guy in the chequered shirt
Hasn’t quite got his household expenditure yet
The guy in the chequered shirt
Has no idea of his future
The guy in the chequered shirt
Enjoying the time of his life with friends and acquaintance
No one put a foot on the table
Drinks aplenty, food more than enough
Heartily he joins in the conversations
Laughs, nods, shakes head, confers, responds
Truly warm-blooded, in a chequered shirt
I remember that artiste dusting his painting
That still haven’t found an appreciative wall to hang on
The guy with the chequered shirt
He knew the value of those painting
Worrying type as I am, asked
How did that guy in the chequered shirt
Leave last night?
As the night grew deeper
He sprouted wings
And flew away
Naturally, it seems, as always.

Maung Pyiyt Min
Translated from the Burmese by Zeyar Lynn