Revolving love doesn’t come full circle

Revolving love doesn’t come full circle

Only the number of stakeholder wannabes increased

When will that wheel smash into shit

Loads of pleasure piled up neatly

On the runway, time is the disloyal truth that

Coils up inside you like the large intestine

Signatures on the contract, along with witnesses and lawyers

How many of those can fit into a mosquito net

As if I came out of that tiny little hole

In that April night, my skins were at their most flexible

Was that experience so-called ‘‘most painful’’?

After those nine-ten months, every string looks like an umbilical cord

What I thought it would be & what I see it is bang life against a wall

Law of nature? HELLO?

Those lips

That dude is to blame for my hunger

Like getting more & more saddened-constipated, being shut in means

suffocation, like inside curtains made of mosquito net material

Who needs windows on an airplane

Isle or window?

The seat starts to pick the passenger

Airplane windows are closed openings

Raindrops dance diagonally on the plastic glass

Flight time, as long as it takes

Clouds, remaining in the same shape, move to be kissed

Mae Yway
19 APR – 22 MAY, 2015
Translated from the Burmese by ko ko thett