unpardonable shamelessness

driving a renewed crisis
with a sinister aim
and another bid to mislead
the construction of sovereignty
they strengthen the last man
bolster up a puppet group
beef up the campaign of a serious scandal
escalate an extreme tension
ignite the fellow countrymen
let loose a whole string of responsible ruling
and dare infringe upon the nation’s reunification and prosperity

their fictitious moves
clearly prove that the threat
behind commitments in every way
reminds a hostile confrontation
against the revolutionary alliance
they go to wipe out
international community’s criticism
defend their unpopular actions in the region
get rid of ever-victorious forces
and calm down their undisguised war against provocations

meanwhile, their grumbling master thief
will talk about the capability of their powerful deterrence
imploring that they are desperate to achieve it even a bit

27 May 2013

(Note: This poem was an exercise of IWP ‘s Poetry Masterclass. It was made using only language retrieved from an article from the website of the Korea News Service, the house news agency for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). I rearranged the words. But I did not repeat a word or change the tense or case of any word. This (exaggerated) poem might reflect my personal feeling and insecurity as a common citizen during the transition period of my country in 2013.

The article “U.S. AND S. KOREA’S GROUNDLESS ACCUSATION OVER KPA REGULAR MILITARY DRILL REFUTED” can be found here. http://nigeriajucheidea.blogspot.com/2013/05/u.html)