The guy you sent arrived
I wrote back a reply on the envelope,
The guy you sent arrived
Vanished without saying a word,
The guy you sent arrived
He gave me your message
He told me what you wanted
He told me your mistakes
I gave him some money for traveling
And ask him to leave,
A guy came
Said you sent him
He took something out of his bag and gave me
I mended his torn bag
A guy came
Can’t be sure but I think you sent him
He tried to say something
He tried to make a sound
I patted his back and gave him a nod
The guy you sent arrived
I entertained him garrulously to his delight
That fellow you sent arrived
I gave him some drinks and he left
The kid you sent arrived
I gave him words encouragement
I honored him
The master you sent arrived
“A master, huh?”
I disgraced him in public
The trishaw you sent arrived
Rolled some old galvanized iron sheets
And put them on the trishaw
The big Padauk tree you sent arrived
I gave directions to the lumber-jack’s house
The electrician you sent arrived
He left, said couldn’t wait
The storm you sent arrived
I held out me chopper and threatened “Don’t you dare!”
This is a precise account of
All the people you sent.

Maung Pyiyt Min
Translated from the Burmese by Zeyar Lynn