RW.8 Maboneng

 2009, RW 8, MABONENG, Arts on Main, Johannesburg, South Africa, Words: Niq Mhlongo

A Short History Of Maboneng:  Jozi district renamed after REMOTEWORDS message.

2007: Niq Mhlongo published his novel After Tears.

Feb 2009: Sylt Foundation initiates and enables the collaboration between REMOTEWORDS and Niq Mhlongo.

March 2009: REMOTEWORDS installs MABONENG as an intervention to be seen from space.

The collaboration of the Sowetan wrtiter and the German artists has given the name to the district in Jozi. Mhlongo’s message is above all a reminder of those who for a very long time were prevented from standing tall in the light. He grew up in Soweto during the apartheid era and made a name for himself with his descriptions of present-day life in the former ghetto.

“I’m glad you finally

arrived, my Advo. Good to

see you, and welcome to

Jozi Maboneng, the place

of lights, he said, trying to

hug me.”

Excerpt from “After Tears” ( p. 11 )
by Niq Mhlongo, published in Kwela Books, 2007.