Day of the dead

In the old age of a dark night,
a huge ray of light come down from the sky.
The barking dogs became silent suddenly.
The flying bats fell from the air.
The electricity was out.
The dead come out of the grave
and enter the city.
Doors come open automatically.
Bells from churches ring unexpectedly.
The trees cut by the root
become luxuriant immediately
with branches and offshoots.
The dying patients recover.
The ones whose lambs were broken,
became the same as they were born.
Is this the prize
dropped out of God’s pocket?
Is this the symbol
which means everything must be started from the new?
In the morning of the city,
the dead occupied the city and
the living are dead.

Lynn Thet Nyein
Translated from the Burmese by Kè Su Thar