Take a Good Aim at Your Enemy

A guy in my neighborhood died the other day.
He had little spats with his neighbor for years.
After hearing the news, his neighbor cried
And said: It’s me next, my friend.

In boxing, both the winner and the loser
Will be asked to leave the ring in the end.

Time and again, I wake up on battlefields,
Surrounded by dead bodies.
I wake up with a great sense of loneliness,
And survival has become completely tiring.
In the end, battlefields always bend like rainbows.

You know a crow when you see one
Because a crow will always be a crow.
But when you know someone to be your enemy,
He is never your enemy.

Baby, this hand, which is touching you right now,
Has failed to keep its hold on human civility
The same way your laughter has eluded
Public decipherments. We look at each other.
In our eyes, smoke from gunpowder
Which I call ‘adversities of life’
Falls like red flowers from a Flamboyant tree.
I take pride in this art of happiness.

Di Lu Galay
Translated from the Burmese by Maung Day