The Rhizomatic Militant

– excerpts –

TRM – 54

Immediately the Militant
Comes into being,
It is already outside the flow
But in the flow of gap –
The gap of no Gap.
There is no gap at all
Between the two moments
Of hyperlife-and-death
Where the Militant appears
And reappears with
The inner edge
Which can fully verify
The hyperness of disappearance.

TRM – 64

Simultaneously the Militant is
The always present absence
And the always absent presence.
It signifies the hidden Rebellion
Because there is more and
To infer aspects of that abundance
Which dwell everywhere and nowhere.

TRM – 81

Creation of the Militant’s forces
Is a manifestation
Of a new vortex.
Realization of such creation
Is a test.
An oceanic Militant does
The Community flow.
The thunder of the Militant
Resounds the Manual of mutability.
It is in the eschatological Militancy
That the enigmas of the Act of the Nature
Can find its master.

TRM – 93

The art of the Militant is
The set of singular machines
That of the collective Myth
Of the intensities.

TRM – 99

If the Militant is not about death,
Then what is it about?
O, nondeath.
The nondeath of graveyard
Giving an indication
Of the realm of mythology
Which the Militant itself
Does not fully explain
At dawn of its radical kind.

TRM – 104

The Flow is silent,
For the Gas is a shared
And yet unspeakable secret,
The Militant knows
That it lies in naming it,
To not-keep its secret.

TRM -114

The Militant continues
Its desired self-destructive path,
But it shall allow
To hold back itself
To the ultraethics of its sort.

TRM – 129

There is a violated Gap –
The Gap of an Ultimate Referent,
To deform the right identity
Of the abstract Militant.

TRM – 135

The Militant should be read
As the evolution of the rope
Between sublime pain
And pleasure still operative
In human-worms.

TRM – 151

Militancy is the result
Of the totality
Of changing
The center of being and event.

TRM – 158

Embryonic forms of the Militant persist
Throughout the pure objectivity
And the impure subjectivity
In the form of Egg,
And distorted mental organs,
As well as unformed Egg;
Is the Militants’ own
Deframed and disassociated face,
Pressed right up
Against the surface
Of the Phenomenological.

TRM – 160

From the things
Of the dust
The Militant draws back
And tries to go into deeper sand;
When the Militant
Which has here
Somehow become concretised
And materialised,
Understands that it is
Thereby going to be destroyed
And to be reduced almost
Into mere crude matter,
But sooner
Very sooner
It turns its face away,
By the flying power of abstraction,
From matter
Then begins renunciation,
Then begins real spiritual growth.

RM – 165

The creativeness of the Militant
Recollects the flow of connections
In madness.

TRM – 172

The Militant is not
In the philosophical order of things,
But in the finding of mad routes.
The hypersensitive Organ discerns
The block and flow of the new –
The new of deconstructive body.
This body of the creation alone
Opens concept to
The unpostulated dimension
Sustained in the pure breath of the Organ.

TRM – 190

The Militant occurs in reality itself,
Only two ways out remain open:
The Real or the Singular.
The ‘Singular Reality’ itself
Is just matrix-generated universality,
There being no last universal reality,
Or it gets into
The domain of divine evolution.

TRM – 204

The Militant is never an economy
Of sex and speech of philosophy,
But an escalation of charm and violence,
An instantaneous passion,
A moment when philosophy can occur.
But thought can just as easily exhaust itself
In the process of living and death.

TRM – 209

The emancipation of the matter
From materiality is
The effect of the deployment
Of overspiritualization
And simultaneously the comeback
Of the schizo Militant.

TRM – 219

The Militant transgresses
Its discursive function
In favour of
Its own abstract reality,
Reassembling a violent
And fragmentary process
Of deterritorialization.
In the realm
Of textual representations,
The loss of conceptual integrity
Constitutes a crucial component
Of the apocalyptic event;
Apocalypse does not survive
Without the Militant.

TRM – 229

The Militant’s act is triple.
It is a dare launched at the singularity
And a dare of the singularity in return
And a dare of the singularity
Which is not to be distinguished
From the original Act.

TRM – 238

Militant, experimental Militant!
You who does not save
From a micrometaphysical death
When I fall into the dark concepts!
Give me one glorious War,
War – the Order out of the Chaos,
And with it
Full many sequence shots of futures,
Beautiful and grand;
And if this favour you will grant to me,
True to The Militant’s Thermodynamic Gospel
I will be!

TRM – 246

The Militant knows the Battle,
The Battle of Vacuum,
And therefore Bliss is within his.

TRM – 253

To God
Through the path of
Material Spirituality,
The Militant rises.

TRM – 260

The Universe
That the Militant
Is going to deconstruct.
That Is, in fact,
The set of philosophical forces.

TRM – 296

Creative class of the Militant,
Through a magic elixir
Of spiritual technology
As measured
By numbers of
The ultralogic connections,
Is revitalizing
The postphilosphical sphere.