Action Star

Having been a child actor and through walk-on roles

He started to gain popularity with a banal happily-ever-after romance story.

Critical success with a (tear-jerking) realistic drama,

And signed a contract to star in hit-driven films.

With a director giving directions to the cast at will,

On a set where non-stop scene-shooting takes place,

A pang of regret of a street hooligan who used to sit revving up his bike

A lone commando who risks his own life to save his girl from villains

All-style martial arts tournament and a professional kick-boxer known for flying kicks

A vigilant hero/superhero who protects inhabitants from evil threats

A cowboy who goes after a box full of silver coins or a treasure map in a dreadful rush

A detective who works on a complicated mysterious case

The calls for fight in the world of martial arts and a lone fighter who stands for truth and justice

A story of twin brothers (assuming double role):

One, a man of letters and another, an island-dwelling pirate.

An adventurous researcher who tries to find sacred writings

In a complex cavernous church.

Stories and plots mostly associated with war, love and death.

An actor who can’t even understand the nature of the character he plays.

In a psycho-thriller movie in the making

With a unique script moulded with unpredictable twists and turns.

Also accepted to star in a new science fiction film

In which he must perform the best acting and stunt possible.

When would he win the award for best leading actor?

A new feature film in which the leading actor himself must die.

Coming soon!

Maung Yu Py
Translated from the Burmese by Khun Cho