Child’s Book

Me and the Wonderland

A jewellery box is secretly buried on this pirates’ land.

How fast can your eyes see?

Amateurs’ Column

How does your brain work?

Babies’ Corner

Logic puzzle grid

The following two pictures might look the same at your quick sight.

Spot the differences between them.

Correct answers are given in some corner of the book.

A parable on (1)medication if moderate, harm if excessive

Where is the fox hiding?

Have a close look at it right in front of a mirror if you want to know the answer.

Happy magic!

(2)Buddha’s 550 birth stories to learn from

How many planets and stars are there in this picture of the universe?

Can you even count them?

(3)Exert yourself while there’s time.

How would you save the young boy from falling into the canyon?

The incredible blind man

Hello, children!

Fill the gaps to complete the drawing.

Let’s have some fun with colouring!

Give it a try to get to the destination

Through the labyrinth of winding alleys.

Maung Yu Py
Translated from the Burmese by Khun Cho

(1) A Burmese proverb which means too much of anything is dangerous.
(2) Also known as Jataka tales that tell about the previous lives of Gautama Buddha
(3) A Burmese saying