The Mysterious World

Aliens and UFOs have been hunting for it in the universe,

Believing they would discover it one day.

Marvelous breakthroughs.

The people of ancient cities

Have overcome time and space.

The people of future era

Restlessly look for it.

The human versions from parallel universes

Search for their other human versions, hoping to find them someday.

Snowmen move across mountains and forests, roving in quest of it.

Communication with spirits and goblins for their guidance.

(That’s gradually becoming obsolete.)

The mythical realm where ogres, garudas and dragons used to come around.

(We’ve stood still in our own place for *four asamkhyeyas and one hundred thousand kalpas.)

Yet all of them haven’t got in contact with it.

They haven’t found any traces of it.

The world we live in.

Maung Yu Py
Translated from the Burmese by Khun Cho

*Asamkhyeyas is a numerical Sanskrit word which refers to incalculable period of time in Hindu and Buddhist literature. Each asamkhyeya is said to have 141 ciphers with 140 zeroes after 1.
Kalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning an aeon equivalent of millions of years, which epitomises a period of time span between the creation and recreation of a world or universe in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology.

According to the Buddhist tradition, it is generally believed that Gautama Buddha, the fourth and present Buddha out of the five Buddhas of the present kalpa practiced for four asamkhyeyas and one hundred thousand kalpas to achieve Buddha-hood.