In the dark

I was thrown into a car like bus

Became a human like others at first

I didn’t know where this vehicle was from

Or how far the journey it had had

What I started to do was studying myself,

And around me, and further, and the rest of that

Started with Hi, Hello, A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

All that known, all that shown, all that described

You did the same no matter you liked or not

Each thing was a machine inside machine till it broke

We spoke the language that was the most possible

We shared the knowledge that was the most available

Asked myself or traveling-mates “what is next stop?”

Or “Where are we going to?” these answers were lost

This was a growing and flowing life that you couldn’t get off

On this never ending long-life-time-belonging-road,

There were dead cars, fixed cars, going cars

Each one held one-way-ticket to where without any knowing

The coming cars from the front were heading to where we were from

Waved a hand up “Hello,” we were heading to where they were from

We generally knew about the town they were going to hit

They generally knew about the town we were going to hit

We both failed to share it by a constant life in opposite

What a poor human being, we all were the road-head-wheels

An uncooperative selfish-being, we all were hopeless things

Were we going/coming? or Were they going/coming?

The hidden answer was that no one’s going nor coming

We the current humans were lucky to have the map for the journey

But the map only represented the past history, all we get was the possibility

Crawling into an unknown territory was full of unexpected uncertainties

No excuses or apologies, the life we dealt with, the life we felt it,

The life we directed as, the life we arrived at had no reinforcement

Rise the pride-flag up the highest you can in your days of existence

Fight the toughest works the nicest you can in your ways of techniques

We here in the dark were only for a moment, a moment of the entire chapter

As a motorcar inside a car, As a traveler inside a discoverer

As a passenger inside a driver, As a driver inside a passenger

No matter what position you’re in, on the road, we’re rolling visitors

Here I’m as the driver, my children and my wife in my car as passengers

Driving through the thickest darkness wall, I cruise-controlled and guided

Everything-should-slow-down-drive on anything-could-go-wrong-night

Unnoticed that my arrival at my final stop meant my duty was done

As my car broke down I looked back inside the car and found no one

Hello; Hello; Welcome; Everyone; and No one; Welcome to the grave-land

This was a co-dreaming-peaceful-cemetery; A co-ending-peace-hold-gravity

A brand new day-light is shining and memories in the darkness are over

Mausoleums are the only artistic architecture ever that last in mankind culture

Let’s fondly and freely forget about what we were as visiting travelers

Let’s fondly and freely format about what we were as living motorcars

Let’s fondly and freely forget about what we were as rolling wheels

Let’s fondly and freely format about what we were as human beings

Still seeing any-view, feeling any-mood or hearing any-thing

Groups of FIREFLIES were found dead in the grave-yard-gardens

What made them begin and What made them end are equal sins

Sins of God also known as The mighty boss of firefly-car-makers

Unable to assemble the-day-time-car-lights for the life of fireflies

Wings of fireflies as a night light only shine on the night life time

Dark-Night-Divine never welcomes the sunshine by Day-Light-Sky

Fireflies are better and dare to die in the fresh new-daylight-time

They’ve rejected all kinds of kindnesses and all minds of mercies

Conclusively and carefully said We Don’t Need Your Humanities

A highway bus called FIREFLY used to take you to a destination

Never take opportunities for your thanks and your appreciations

Have you ever silently heard songs of the flying skeleton singing

the blackest shining part of a melodic curse of the creative beings

As cruelest as the human’s mind; As coolest as the fireflies’ smiles

Well, once upon a time ago. The story-telling-poetry no one knows

As we all go to hell for a holiday with an animal mind for a while

Let’s enjoy this sin of an automatically objective creative character

Sin-films are faithlessly made for mankind who hell-widely baptized it

As dead as we all live on and on and on


A’karikz Yannaing

(Note…… FIREFLY is an overnight highway bus in Australia)