Lake Water

If it is possible, I’d like to flow like the rivers go
Complete the journey, kiss the sea and get the goals
Like all types of water flow wherever there is lower
I was born in this lake and became a natural prisoner

Of course, there won’t be me without this automatic boundary
But did I really want to be born and exist in this originality
Nothing can reject or correct the earliest beginning of self-story
All is accidentally made with unseen expired date
All is accidentally made with temporary fate
Nothing can escape from self-ready-made sake
But let the future hopes for next with an emergency update
So I don’t need to blame you, my…dear…lake

What I’ve learned is the enlightenment of solo-education
What I’ve earned is the enjoyment of immortal isolation
What I want to demand is unwritten abstract definition
My lake, would you let me take my own way to liberation

There are so many conspiracies of poisonous lie
There are so many parities of innocent mind
There is the only eternity of lifeless time
There ain’t be the only poetry that is out of rhyme
You can clearly see minority light in the majority dark-side
What do you see when majority darkness in the minority lights
So please don’t bring to me that awful democratic theory
All we need is respectable and understandable flexibility

You and I have lost a chance to choose the time and the place
You and I have lost a chance to choose the root and the race
You and I have lost a chance to choose the mum and the dad
You and I have lost a chance to check the wills and the wishes

The birth has come with the death, to you and to me
The birth died after the birth, the death carried the being
Until the being doesn’t make any guided regular things
It’s already end before it begins
I am so exhausted being boiled in this lake
How could I go away from this own hate
Can I flow into somewhere—heaven, hell or nowhere

Are we unfortunately unwanted gifts to us
Are we luckily a precious present to us
Are we usefully useless to us at last
Can our hate or love really help us

We have agreed that “Silence Is The Last Tune”
We have agreed that “Emptiness Is The Last Value”
Could anything come out as “An Alternative New”

Dear visitors,
You are warmly welcome, you are my temporary freedom
Dear death,
You are deadly welcome, you are my forever freedom!!!

A’karikz Yannaing