The road you have come from
Now covered by old calendars

The roads you’ll head on are
With two mistakable choices

Wait a while, think and check
Trio-junction is so treacherous

Do not take it easy too long
Road is not only you belong
Behind cars will force you off

By your own-brain worked-choice
On the road you are going to drive
You must meet the new year night
Otherwise, get out of this journey
Rules of trio-junction are so blurry

Use your own head to read practical map
Dates on calendar are not always correct
All the realistic texts are indeed language-less

Do drivers want a pup at trio-junction of human race?
Sometimes human brain works better with beverages
Road rage are always making things delay and useless
If you drink and then drive, you are a bloody idiot
At the trio-junction between the alive and the dead

On this trio-junction of limited-human-high-way
That is made of the past, present and future,
Are all the drivers of life really clever and wise
There are always fucked up cars on road-side

At the trio-junction of life-lines
Wait and think for a little while
Do not take that brake as too theoretical words
Drive on and park a life at cemetery-grave-yard

Have cars truly come here?
But all the wheels have arrived

There is another trio-junction right here
One road to heaven or nowhere unsure
One road to hell or somewhere unsure
One road is your life that has just expired
Do the same like your brain was once used
Here, use your goodness of the past as it proved
Not fixable wrecked cars as skeletons in group

Trio-junctions are something for everyone
Trio-junction are nothing for every none
Sunshine equally lands on every place
Before the ending or the after
Shapes of triangle look differ
But fates of trio-junction, never
Drive a life as cars we are
Are We There yet Death?

A’karikz Yannaing