The Crows

Mankind, like others in the animal kingdom, strive for survival, balancing between opposing forces such as good and bad, light and darkness, friend and foe, merit and sin, just and unjust, etc.

The artist, in his previous series called “Traveling with Black Sheep” also made a profound portrayal of today’s society from a different angle, depicting black and white sheep coexisting in a herd, sheep in a dreamlike state, and black sheep being alienated, against his cityscape backdrops.

The theme for this particular series of paintings is “crows,” based on one of the impressions of the artist on the society today – some people, almost at their wits end for survival, live and behave like crows. It is set against his trademark cityscape backdrops.

During his early years, living in a monastery, the artist Aung Kyi Soe used to feed big flocks of birds everyday. He observed that “Among all the birds, crows have a peculiar set of qualities and behavior. Some are admirable and should be imitated, such as their determination and industrious nature, alert and cautious habits, protective group mentality, and adaptability to environment. On the other hand crows are sneaky, thieving, and selfish bullies who rejoice at others’ demise.”

“Some people, groups, and organizations’ behaviors are comparable to the undesirable nature of the crows. After being exposed to this experience day after day, I realized that it made a notable impact on not only my feelings but also my way of thinking. That’s why I created this series but it’s really up to the viewer’s interpretation which side of the crow they wish to see.” – Aung Kyi Soe, The Crows, 2016