Concept of Aurora

I am interested in the daily events both in my own country and in the whole world. When hearing unstable situations in every part of the world, I feel sorry so much. Hence I create artworks which relate to social, politics, religion and lead to peace. What’s more, I make efforts to put my own philosophy of the concept of space into my artwork. In this way I started my artworks which symbolize the light of wisdom and peace with Aurora Project. Fortunately I had an opportunity to show four of those artworks in Parais de Tokyo Museum in Paris in 2014.

This artwork of sketch is one of the four artworks shown as Aurora Project.  In my artwork, I try to combine Myanmar crafts, Myanmar cultural objects, religious objects and symbolic objects of ancient Myanmar with the contemporary art philosophy of Asia and with the contemporary art philosophy of the west, like twisting a rope.

Myanmar umbrella, bells and gongs are put in my artwork. There are two symbols representing the moon and the sun on top sides of the umbrella.

An umbrella is a sheltering object. The umbrella here is the one used by Buddhist monks. The umbrella symbolizes a peaceful refuge of every religion. The sun and the moon symbolize the earth within day and night. The bells symbolize the objects which can produce sound of peace, which can bring religious song of peace. The gongs at the bottom symbolize sharing of love, peace and wholesome deeds.

In brief, my artworks refer to the arrival of the light of wisdom, justice and peace onto the earth. Another aim of my artworks is to share love, respect and mutual understanding among people.

Since 2005, I started putting holes in my artworks. Everything, animate or inanimate, is composed of atoms, which turns around in the space. It is reality that every object has atoms. Every object is made up of four elements; water, earth, air and fire. Space is reality. Philosophy of reality in my artworks is based on Buddhist concept.

In my art work, light is painted below the umbrella, the key factor of my work, to make it vivid like the light of dawn and the image of Aurora more obvious. Sound effect also will be used so that the viewers can hear the pleasant sounds of the bells more clearly.

See Aurora – Issue 5



Sound system

4’ Umbrella – 1 piece

Bells – 6 pieces and Acrylic colors (for painting the background wall and symbols of sun and moon)

10’ white Panel (white Board)