An Anonymous Celebrity

His father became a paralytic because of syphilis, his mother tried so many times to commit suicide and the father went blind while he was in his mother’s womb. Inheritance created a care-free living. There was no need to worry about work and this fact awoken it and turned it into something special. He wrote poems. He never got involved as an ‘I’ himself. He avoided to let that narrative ‘I’ and representative ‘I’ to be locked up in the self of the limitation of language. (‘I’ is not only the ‘I’ which could express his feelings but also ‘I’ which is under the control of language) he assumed. Instead of copying the writing styles of Disjunctions and Fragmentations, he talked about power and knowledge from his own creation. He believed that the images which had been to people’s deepest minds and spirits could give a unity to human race that was in chaos. In the poem the time was when the weather was bad and the villagers were working really hard in a crisis. Even some writers metamorphosed into something different. The professionals who were interested in marginalized aesthetic qualities paid attention to him. He was against the extremities of forms. Not just plain texts here. The self had been trying to nullify the masculinity of language and building a feminine language by having a dialogue with other selves, it had developed. He would feel really wonderful if the reader felt the pain and suffering like himself after reading his art and philosophy. All believed that his longing for his lover was just a show off. All humans hurt one another. The worst kind is the one that enjoys other’s pains as joy. His writing was written with full consciousness. Forming every possibility of the language. They wrongfully thought that using lots of images, scattered here and there, was postmodern writing. They also thought if the writing looked somehow realistic then it was not postmodern. Actually, a lot of realism could be found in his postmodern writings. He was reaching towards a new form but not to the form which was already there and approved. Maybe he might reach to a new form or maybe not. He discarded himself forming a structure by the experience which contained himself repeatedly. Instead of the male becoming intimate with the female, the male discovered the nature to be unexplainable. Ratiocination would turn into madness by the boundaries with too many restrictions. He became a fool under the role called ‘Normal’ in human society. He seemed like he was looking for solipsism. He gave freedom to his ego but just getting some fills from another person. He wrote poems for a decade. His partner was caught and imprisoned. He had a child with his closest friend. He took care of the health of his partner who was freed from prison. Though he had a child with his closest friend, they called off their affair and remained friends. He published a book of poems at that very time. His money went out. After the money had gone, most of his beliefs harmed his health. Soon, he died. He got the Pulitzer prize that very year (posthumously).


Note – All words are from the book ‘World-famous writers who are not famous in Burma,’ written by Min Khat Ye

Translated from the Burmese by Tha Kount Tharr