In Different Town, Different Regions and Different Summers

In the time of the cherry blossoms,
in the Atlas of Seasonal Flowers,
What I see is the yellow all over the world;
The yellow contours inclining over the Equator lines,
the yellow Beauty, the yellow Truth,
and only once in a year do the poems
according to the appointed time
on that religious day.
The yellow I miss, the peerless beauty
as the Golden Blossoms amid the emerald foliage.

Together with the last dewdrops,
the Spring that plucked off the lives one day after another
brings yellow yearnings coached
in cherry blossoms pearly pink;
The migratory birds flapping yellow wings,
from the hills to the plains,
over the sheet of water, then into the sky,
the yellow laden with yearnings
adding to where yearnings are already laden.

The yellow that compels the steps walking to the east
to have a glance towards the west;
The yellow that filled even the heart of Einda Razar
with gnawing brief;
Poetry in the hues of yellow
that purchase the blazing heat of the Ten Suns
till the misty veils of clouds in the sky gets thinner
in the Atlas of Seasonal Flowers;
The addresses in the Atlas of Seasonal Flowers
The footsteps in the Atlas of Seasonal Flowers
The hues of yellow stained in this Atlas of Seasonal Flowers
to put out the fire with fire, to control
the power of water with water,
Come without fail, O yellow Gum kino Flower,
according to the Atlas of Seasonal Flowers.

Thi Mar Win
18th March 2015
Translated from the Burmese by Htin Lin Zaw