stranded sperm

“something like the tack-tack-tack

of a few dozen typewriters”

when the fingers are missing

to drum on the tabletop with

nervously and the table


when the medium doesn’t

provide the message, but

the medium, speeding

up the sound

sonic youth is the loudest

animal on earth

when the whale calf on land

is lost simply because

no one can hear it anymore,

and even the sea that amplified

the click has moved away,

not missing its largest spawn

when toothed whales grind

their jaws as they sleep, on the beach

of a dream, woken, oceanless,

by their own weight

when the sublime

swells at the brink

and intestines support

blubber like in a mine

when the ribcage is still

standing, a napkin ring

no one will sew

a shroud for

Poem by Sabine Scho
Translated from the German by the poet Ann Cotton
Illustrations by Andreas Töpfer

– taken from the magazine “The Origin of Senses,” Berlin 2015.