The World of the Saints

Carrying your worries and charity,
You, my firebird, flew into heaven.
Using echoes of prayers reverberating from life
And acts of merit as its excuse,
the early winter wind scatters budding leaves of bad deeds.
May it bring peace to the world!

I found my own divinity in a mirror reflecting my image
With far more clarity than the shrines where you pray.
Could love ever be my faith for life?
Among the constellations and
the heaven that prophesize what’s to come,
Somewhere beyond the saints’ world and paranormal beauty,
beyond the shores of consciousness,
Truth shall guard your heart from fever and sickness.

The song of the bell
Brings snowflakes into the hearts of those who hear it;
Have the goldfishes swimming
In the crystal spring of life
Found the secret to immorality?
See how love and its web of attachments
Play a trick on the miserable.

Thi Mar Win
4th, November, 2014
Translated from the Burmese by Kenneth Wong