Before the cup

As I woke the water in the tap

there were only used coffee filters in front of me

news from a plantation in the next world

prayer grounds the harvest not worth

beans  The morning was of a light

roast and I thought you don’t need

to look like a priest to

slaughter a sheep  First came the

rustling of the trees then the one who whispers

first the hamster then its wheel

like visions at altitude that

suck the breath from your lungs and

you wonder: How persistent the snow must be

to reach so high on the

mountaintops?  Caffeine melt  So much

nonsense shining like a ray of sun

through the small window

Why am I thinking of religion

so early in the morning?

Maybe because I

can hear God breathe

as He dims the light in the evening


Guy Helminger

Translation by Tess Lewis