She never wanted to be Queen Regnant. Let alone politics, she wasn’t even into hopscotch. She was just fond of flicking custard apple seeds into a hole in the ground. What happened was this. She’d hung her sarong out to dry on a gusty day. When the wind started licking her sarong, she ran out to get it but it was too late. Soon the whole Kingdom of Ava saw the sarong, blown off by the gale, entangled at the top palace spire, flapping like a royal banner. ‘‘Owing to your Majesty’s Eminent Prowess, the owner of this sarong must be extraordinarily blessed. She must be made your Majesty’s Queen Consort.’’ Me Nu was just a girl going through puberty when she was crowned Queen Consort by the Big Uncle King. After Lower Burma was annexed to British India, the Prince of Thayawaddi, a brother of Big Uncle, overthrew the King. No royal blood must be shed. The Royal Executioners of Ava drowned the nineteen-year-old Queen Consort in the Irrawaddy.


Attention, gals! Weather forecasts say it’s going to be gusty today. If you are not into power or money, hurry and remove your undies and sarongs from the clotheslines outdoors!


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