I ain’t flying nowhere

Sorry, but I am busy. I am working on a new project. A prototype man-fish, swimtalk, to be installed in  a thank-tink. The type that eats sultriness.

Are you in a hurry? Go ahead.

Your  river  is  silted.  Your  beach  needs  nourishment.  Your  reef  gold  must  be  sifted.
Your paradigm, shifted. Mercury you no longer use. You simply get mercurial.

I will catch up with you later. I really mean real.

I  will  play  the  invisible  theremin.  I  will  finger  the  thin  air.  I  will  meditate,  until  I  levitate.  I  will  eyeball  the  void,  until  the  void  blinks  and  blushes.

I will shadow Jan Hendrik Leopold –

I will sit very very still, and travel.


ko ko thett