Nyan Lynn

Founder, Editor, Web Developer

Nyan Lynn is a poet, blogger, digital artist and web developer who loves texts and code lines. His texts can be found in “maybetomorrows.blogspot.com” and some periodicals including Idea, Hnin Si Phyu, Kabya Loka, etc. One of his digital poems titled “Kyaung Lane Hle Gar” is featured on Burmese Vispo Web site. He has collaborated on some Burmese poetry movements like Taw Hlan Kyaung, Nje, Double Poetry Project. He already published a duo poetry book, “phyu & suzan,” with Tay Khat. His debut poetry collection named “Pyit Sii Myar” is about to be published soon. As a web developer, he has created many corporate and business web sites, and also art web sites like www.burmesevispo.com and www.beuntexed.com. Currently he is working as a talent manager in Blink Digital Agency Myanmar.