Arno Schlick

Arno Schlick, December 21st, 2016, Schnackenhof near Nuremberg.
Foto: Michaela Moritz

Arno Schlick was born in Nuremberg, Germany, the 8th of September in 1970 and studied philosophy and biology in Berlin and Potsdam. After that, he worked in such different fields as TV journalism, temporary work, several statistical workings, regular office work and some programming activities for two banks and one company for data-services. Since 2007 he has been a teacher at two Bavarian grammar schools until September of 2011 (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and ethics) and since 2011 he works as a tutor for pupils and for students at university.

He has won several smaller prizes and has been running exhibitions, performances and readings in Nuremberg and Berlin with short prose, poems and Concrete / Visual poetry, as well as doing publications in various magazines, e.g. “Sachen mit Woertern” from Berlin and “Wortlaut” in Nuremberg. Readings and exchange steadily run with the authors groups “Wortwerk Erlangen” and “Wortwerk Nuremberg” and he recently did a 10-page-publication of poems and concrete poetry in the anthology “Between the book shelves, a secret” (publisher: art & words, published March 26, 2014 and edited by Nataša Dragnić, ISBN -13: 978-3943140415).
Inspired by the Burmesian artist and poet Lynn Zinyaw, Arno Schlick has been also doing Concrete / Visual Poetry in Burmesian alphabet, since November 15th, 2016.
Literary Genres: Poetry, Short Prose, and Concrete Poetry as well as Pictorial Poetry / Visual Poetry.