Aung Yin Nyein

Aung Yin Nyein (b-17.06.1973) was born in Kyauk Tan village, East Bago, Burma. He got a BA degree from Pyay University in 2000. He joined Myanmar Police Force (MPF) in 1995 and ran away from it in 2000. He was based in Yangon literary world from 2001 to 2013. He wrote “The Manifesto of Neo-Modern Myanmar Poetry 2007 (MNMP 2007),” signed it together with other poets including Moe Zaw, Pye, Y Cho, and Toe Hnaung Moe, and published it on World Poetry Day in 2007. He published a book of poetry named Masturbation in 2013, a book of fiction titled The Last Art of a Psychosis in 2012, and a book of transgressive fiction named Romanbot’s World in 2013. When Romanbot’s World was out, MPF charged him with the state’s criminal code No.242 for writing dirty and obnoxious thing. Without facing down the charge and defending himself before the judge, he ran away from Yangon literary world since he never believes in system of law and legislation. Secretly he lived in Malaysia as a poet in exile from 2013 to 2015. He is planning to publish 20 Selected Poems, The Manifesto of Neo-Modern Myanmar Poetry 2007, and Stylistic Analysis of Some Contemporary Myanmar Poems by 2017.