John Waromi

John Waromi was born in the Indonesian part of Papua in 1960. He studied law at the Cendrawasih University in Papua. As a scout he trained in the marines tall sail training ship KRI Dewa Ruci in 1983. In 1986 John Waromi moved to Jakarta as a scout but left in 1987 to join Bengkel Teater Rendra, those days the most prestigious theatre group in Indonesia, and met with famous poet and playwright WS Rendra. The following years he participated in guest appearances in the USA, Japan and Korea. Parallel he began to write for Gorong Gorong Budaya in Depok, a cultural journal of West Java. In 2006 he participated in the Ubud Writers Festival, 2008 in the Northern Territory Writer’s Festival in Darwin/Australia, was curator of the “What is Poetry Festival” in Indonesia in 2012.
In his poetry he mourns the struggling individual, cut off all roots, far away from nature and social security. The background for this can undoubtedly be found in the neo-colonial invasion by foreign mining companies in Waromi’s homeland Papua, where he now lives as an activist.