Khun Cho

Born in Yangon in December 1988, Khun Cho (real full name – Khun Cho Thar Htay) was one of the eleven collaborators in the bilingual poetry collection titled Nje released in early 2015. In the collection he made five poems and translated thirteen poems including one of his own from Burmese into English. Since then, his poems and translations have sporadically been featured in online as well as print publications including the most recently-published one, “Nobel-Myanmar Literary Festival 2016: Memorable Poetry Collection.” He is currently working on the translation of a new bilingual poetry collection of one of the contemporary young Burmese poets, Sein Khat Soe, which is set to be out in the first half of 2016.

What first spurred Khun Cho to render texts including poems from one language to another unexpectedly came from the overdue demise of his seven-year-long megillah with his girlfriend in 2013. He believes equally in both transliteration and transcreation, and always feels that literary translation is the sexiest form of the experimental foregrounding of words and texts being interchanged and rephrased between two languages. He also embraces the perspective that poetry is about understanding himself better and finding an antidote for his life, not simply about grasping connotations or denotations.