KSW (aka, Min Ye Eain)

Born in Monywa in November 29, 1976, KSW, aka Min Ye Eain, is a poet, freelance translator, song writer and language instructor from Burma. In 1997 he started competing in the nationwide translation contests monthly held by the English for All Magazine and won first prize 11 times including a special prize as a result of winning first 3 times in a row. Since then he began writing and translating professionally essays and poems in the English for All Magazine at the editor’s request. In 2002 he graduated from the Yadanabon University, Mandalay, majoring in International Relations (IR) and worked as an English language instructor in his native town for four years and later in Yangon for six years. He began writing poems of his own and translating international poetry and cover stories featuring on international poets’ lives, works and interviews for the Poetry Voice Magazine since its third issue. In 2015 he translated local poems for One Hundred Myanmar Poems Poetry Anthology along with Maung Tha Noe, Maung Ye Khaing, etc. He has been very active in writing poetry and translating both local poets and international poets helping to make their works available to readers all around the world. Currently he is living in his native town, Monywa.