L.I.E.S. aka Jonas Gerberding

L.I.E.S. aka Jonas Gerberding was born and raised in Hamburg and Jakarta, Indonesia. His artist name L.I.E.S. is an acronym for “Life is extremly strange,” which strangely seems to fit in the most situations. With marker and spray cans he works on different materials i.e. wood, mirrors, pangas, vinyl, paper, canvas, walls, newspaper. His paintings remind us of the thoughts and feelings of his generation – Generation Y. A generation influenced by globalization and MTV and yet at the same time estranged from the realities of consumption and commerce.
Influenced by the underground hip hop scenes in the 80’s and early 90’s in Germany, he started to develop his love for graffiti art when he was 14. At first, he followed many graffiti artists in spraying walls illegally under his undercover name “Lies” – also a play on German term “Read this” and the English. His passion became his life, and he dropped out of high school. Despite not having a high school diploma, he was accepted at the Art Academy of Hamburg and graduated in 2008.
He exhibited in Hamburg, NYC, Johannesburg & Kampala.
Jonas lives in Hamburg, Germany.