Ma Lay

I believe I was born as a chunk of meat
And not so long after my birth
I sense a greed, so it goes,
The lady who gave birth to me
Gave me an organ, called it a girl
My being would have been quite sophisticated
If I messed up and turned out to be a boy
The man I see as a father
Gave me a head
With so much intentions and ambitions
And humiliation if I fail to complete his first two
And the ones I see on the way
Recognized my rather awkward legs
Just because they occasionally see me
Standing there without a sense of danger
And before long
I grow some hair on my body
They call it a part of disgust
Quite ashamed by that
But rush to places
Where bodies hard on against each other
Found no pleasure
Seeing all just the personalities
Still feel the hollowness in the bodies
Try to fill them in
Fill them in with my self
But it didn’t work out the way it’s supposed to be
And what is supposed to be?
Most turn their heads and say
Away, miss … we don’t want any trouble; we don’t do thinking
And so I did.