Mar Alzamora-Rivera

Photography – Carlos Bracho

Born in Panama City in 1981, Mar Alzamora-Rivera is a transdisciplinary artist and cultural manager, co-founder of the chamber music ensemble Paisaxe, and member of the post-rock band Amelia. Her book “The day that had no night” won the 2011 Gustavo Batista Cedeno Poetry Contest Mention of Honor; her body of work has been published in several anthologies and literary magazines in Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Unites States and Morocco. For a long time, she has been under the spell of the Beat Generation, sound studies and video art. She serves as cultural advisor for the Alliance Française, as cultural coordinator for the U.S. Embassy in Panama City and as part of the organization committee for the Ars Amandi International Poetry Festival. Currently, she is a Deep Listening certification candidate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY.